Another Michigan Author and Series

I found a cozy mystery series that takes place in a town based on Saugatuck! The following review is cross-posted on my sister site, Your Book Group. Come visit sometime. I've also listed the series in order; click HERE. A fan of both chocolate and cats, I pulled this book from the second ā€œCā€ bay … Continue reading Another Michigan Author and Series


National Writers Series Starts Today!

I'm not sure how long this has been going on, nor am I sure how I'm just finding out about it, but we have an event! Traverse City's National Writers Series Starts today, it seems, and continues into May. The two guests I'm most interested in are Poet Laureate Joy Harjo and George Saunders. Both … Continue reading National Writers Series Starts Today!

Trail Talk – Saugatuck Dunes State Park

Adding after posting: I failed to mention the audiobook I listened to on the way back: Paladin of Souls by Lois McMaster Bujold. On the way out, I just listened to the wind in the trees. Since I spend so much time hiking the trails in my part of the Mitten, I thought I'd start … Continue reading Trail Talk – Saugatuck Dunes State Park

Music in the Park

Evening music at the park is my favorite summer activity, but I have seen few outdoor concerts in the past 15 months. Earlier this week, we learned that our favorite local band was playing again, and had a gig Tuesday night. Sitting in my folding chair at the park where the band played, I was … Continue reading Music in the Park

Stargazing and Meteor-Watching – Three things to bring with you to Headlands Dark Sky Park

I went to Headlands International Dark Sky Park in Mackinaw City last night on a whim to catch the last of the Perseid meteor showers. The drive was almost four hours, which meant I had time to check into my motel, pick up a veggie sub from Mama Mia's Pizza, and get to the park … Continue reading Stargazing and Meteor-Watching – Three things to bring with you to Headlands Dark Sky Park

Bookish Kids – Aesop’s Fables Free Resource

I do some volunteer ESL tutoring, and today as my learner and I were exploring some online resources I came across a charming (and slightly animated and sound-enhanced) online version of Aesop's Fables, suitable for children. The typeface is pleasant and the vintage illustrations and animations are charming. It's free; check it out by clicking … Continue reading Bookish Kids – Aesop’s Fables Free Resource

Off Topic: The Musical Edition

Music speaks to me more intensely and immediately than any other medium. Once not long ago, when I felt far from home and anxious about getting back there, the opening notes of "Life in a Northern Town" reached across three thousand miles through the overhead music of the cafe where I waited for my drink, … Continue reading Off Topic: The Musical Edition

Michigan Monday (two days early) – Introducing Sheila Solomon Shotwell

Cover images used with author's permission. In recent years, through the magic of Facebook, I have met several aunts and cousins from my maternal grandfather's family. One of those cousins is Sheila Solomon Shotwell, author of books, short stories, and essays. Two of her works, Gone Before Spring and No Doubt in My Mind, are … Continue reading Michigan Monday (two days early) – Introducing Sheila Solomon Shotwell