• Author: Liz Moore
  • Narrator: Keith Szarabajka
  • Format: Audio
  • Source: Audible
  • Publisher: Blackstone Audio

What a lovely listen. This is the story of a 550-lb recluse named Arthur Opp, his one-time friend turned pen-pal Charlene, and the young Kel Keller. The book has been around awhile, published in 2012.

Moore gives distinct voices to each of the three main characters, and the most striking of these voices, especially in the audio version, is that of Arthur Opp. Much like the man himself, Arthur’s voice is intelligent, courtly, moderately paced, and sometimes a bit fretful but kind. Due to his reclusive nature his social circle is small and his environment is protected and limited in space. He is very different from Charlene, his friend from long ago, now his pen-pal, and from Kel, a high school senior with hopes for a pro baseball career who became an adult before his time. While the plot is intriguing enough to pull the reader to the end of the story, I was charmed by the depth of character development for all three characters – but especially Opp and Keller.

I recommend audio over print; the narrator showcases Arthur’s voice so well in pace and tone,and the contrast between his voice and Kel’s adds depth to the listening experience. This book is worth the listen.

Also by Liz Moore: The Words of Every Song (2007), The Unseen World (2016)

Also narrated by Keith Szarabajka: Many titles, most recently Deep State: Trump, The FBI, and The Rule of Law (Stewart) and Please Let Me Help: Very Serious Letters to the World’s Most Wonderful Brands (Sternwalker)

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