Window on the Bay – Debbie Macomber

  • Format: Hardcover, from my lovely local library
  • Publisher: Ballantine Books, July 2019

Debbie Macomber is the queen of traditional women’s fiction. She writes clean romance novels – a lot of them. This story is no exception to her usual formula, and the ending is happy (no spoiler there; all of her books have happy endings).

As with many of Macomber’s books, there is more than one heroine in this story. Jenna and Maureen are best friends, both divorced, both in their early fifties with grown children, both getting involved with men against their better judgment. One of them dates a doctor and one dates a construction worker. Things happen, stuff gets in the way, and obstacles are overcome in the end, which is what the author’s readers have come to expect.

I would like to see more diversity in women’s fiction. (At one point in Window the son of one of the main characters is hiding something from his mother. My fingers were crossed, but no new vistas of diversity were to be explored.) That being said, I do like Debbie Macomber’s books; they are gentle, light-filled, set in beautiful parts of the country (Washington state mainly), and generally pleasant. Added bonus: the main characters all have such good housecleaning habits that after almost every Macomber book I read, I tidy up my house without my usual reluctance to do so.

If you need to escape into a lighthearted read that takes little concentration, Debbie Macomber is the author for you. She seems very accessible to her readers as well, with her contact information listed somewhere in each book. By the way, she is also a knitter, and has written several novels about knitters.

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