Bookish Kids: Free Virtual Storytime for Children

Here’s another resource for you and your kids in the absence of story hour at your local library – stories are read by celebrities. You can choose your video platform (I chose YouTube). If you enjoy it, share it with your friends!

Start with The Rainbow Fish, which is just over six minutes long and a personal favorite from my son’s preschool years. This lovely story, with engrossing, gently animated illustrations, is read as if to a beloved grandchild by Ernest Borgnine while quiet music plays in the background. (The story is not spooky. Be aware that the wise squid, due to being hidden in the dark and obscured by its own ink, looks scary – but it’s actually wise and mysterious.) If you have crayons or markers and a little glitter, you could follow up with a craft, making your own Rainbow Fish.

I love children’s stories, and reading them together is what I miss most about parenting a young child. Of course we can still read (or in this case listen to) them, even if the only young one present is our own inner child. This collection is not huge, but it’s well-curated with some familiar titles like Stellaluna and Strega Nona. Celebrity readers include Kristen Bell, Hector Elizondo, and Lily Tomlin to name a few.

Care for each other and yourself, take a few minutes to be a child again with these excellent videos, and stay well. Also, thanks to my dear friend Linda W., who shared this site on Facebook.

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