Hitchhiker and Healer

I mentioned elsewhere that I would pop the occasional knitting post in this blog. I have been working on the Hitchhiker (below) while listening to Healer by Carol Wiley Cassella, as narrated by Alyssa Bresnahan.

I’m nearly done with the book but thought I would mention a little about it now. Physician Clare lives in rural Washington with her daughter while her husband spends most of his time in Seattle pitching his possibly life-saving cancer drug to investors. Issues addressed are ethics in drug trials, mother-daughter relationships, trust issues in marriage, and health care for migrant workers in Washington’s apple and cherry orchards.

I don’t get Healer – it’s not a romance, not a thriller or a mystery, not a crime novel. There is no tension in the story other than typical mother-daughter friction. I’m hoping Clare’s husband turns out to be the jerk I suspect he is, just so something HAPPENS – and signs are pointing in that direction. Maybe the main conflict is a moral dilemma that I sense just over the horizon. I should know after a couple more hours of listening.

The narrator is adequate; I don’t get the sense that she read the book through before narrating, because her emphasis is off. She has an odd habit of dropping the last syllable of the last word of some of her sentences, which at first made me think the playback had stopped.

Do I recommend it? Well, it’s free (download from my library) and it’s something to listen to while I work on the shawl.


I like the Hitchhiker, which is listed on Ravelry (http://www.ravelry.com) as a scarf or a shawlette/wrap. I have spent a few hours on this, and will spend many more! Note in the photo that there are little ‘sawteeth’ along the left edge of the shawl, which is a slightly asymmetrical and shallow triangle with long ‘wings.’ Each of those sawteeth is composed of eight rows and is about an inch tall, and I have completed 24-ish of the suggested 42 sawteeth. I chose to use Louisa Harding fingering weight (sock) yarn, and I stuck with the #4 circular needles called for in the pattern. The shawl is about 20 inches from point to point right now, I think. I frankly don’t want to measure it.

That’s all for today – a pretty short low-effort post. For now, take care of yourselves and each other and stay well in these unprecedented times.

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