I don’t know about you, but I’m finding it hard to focus on anything for long stretches right now. I don’t need to be reading epic novels. I need short reads – light and humorous.  The fantasy and sci fi into which I escaped in the past now hit a little too close to home. 

If you’re in the same boat, here are five recommendations that won’t tax your brain and will make you chuckle. Most are available from Amazon, Google Books,, Barnes & Noble, Audible, or (with which I am not familiar; they just popped up in my searches). Don’t forget to check your library’s eBook and audiobook collections as well.

David Sedaris’ Calypso: Published in 2018, it’s new enough to be relevant and funny enough to be engaging. The book is darker than some of his others, but never stops being funny.  Click on the word MORE for more information.

Discover Agatha Raisin, a vain, stubborn detective with a razor-sharp mind and a somewhat blurry sense of integrity.  This is a British cozy mystery series with a bite, and it’s funny.  The books are not particularly long.  Start with Agatha Raisin and The Quiche of Death (sometimes listed as just The Quiche of Death), which was published in 1992 as the first book in the series. Click on the word QUICHE for more info and to learn about author M.C. Beaton, who also writes as Marion Chesney and, according to info on the link, five other names! (If that information isn’t a rabbit hole I don’t know what is, but I’m odd that way.)

Get a virtual breath of fresh air with Bill Bryson’s A Walk in the Woods, published in 1998 to chronicle Bryson’s adventures on the Appalachian trail. It’s easy to set aside as needed and pick up again where you left off. Honestly it’s been years since I read this book, but I do remember that it’s laugh-out-loud funny. Click on the word BEAR for details.

Step away from the present with P.G. Wodehouse’s My Man Jeeves, published 101 years ago as the first in the Jeeves and Wooster series.  A century has passed but the humor is timeless.  Most of the titles in this series can be found free or for a small cost at your library,, or Amazon.   Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie starred in a four-season series based on the books, but the series is listed as ‘not available’ on Amazon. Click on the word FREDDIE to learn more.

Revisit the Calvin and Hobbes comic cartoon books by Bill Watterson, in which a small boy and his stuffed tiger take on the world with humor and the odd touch of pathos.  A couple of books from the series are available as eBooks from Amazon – or you might have an old copy in your basement.  Click on the word TIGER to view The Essential Calvin and Hobbes on Amazon – it’s free for Prime members.

Stay well my friends. Love your neighbor.

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