5 for Friday – Story Podcasts

Podcasts are a great way to listen to stories. Below are five options.

Jim Harold’s Campfire – Ghosts, UFOs, Bigfoot and friends – good stuff.  Listeners, interviewed by the engaging and warm Jim Harold, share their scary stories. This podcast has been running since 2008 but only the most recent episodes are available without joining Harold’s Plus Club. New episodes are generally released weekly but there are frequent mini-hiatus weeks as Harold is a sole operator of the podcast and also curates several others. Click HERE to read more about Campfire and his other podcasts.  Good for listening to in daylight or as you are going to sleep, but it freaks me out if I listen too late at night.  Also great for road trips, if you’re not driving at night!

Welcome to Night Vale – Cecil Baldwin, in a voice that makes one lean a little closer, plays radio host Cecil Palmer in the desert town of Night Vale, populated with a dragon, the dragon’s sister, and a multitude of other cast members including The Faceless Old Woman Who (Secretly) Lives in Your Home.  You will also meet scientist Carlos who is Cecil’s crush, then boyfriend, and now husband. This show has multiple spinoffs, several published novels, and a live tour every year with shows put on throughout the US and other countries.  Episodes used to be released weekly; current frequency is twice per month. Stories continue from episode to episode. Visit Night Vale HERE if you dare! Your assumptions will be challenged in novel ways.  I like to listen at night or in the car – but be aware that if you listen at night, they offer some indie music toward the end of each podcast (they call the music The Weather), and that music is so much louder than the rest of the episode that it will wake you right up.

The Moth – The organization behind this podcast has been in operation since 1997, offering much more than just a podcast.  Click HERE to explore all that The Moth does, and to listen to their very well-known podcast.  This podcast is my most eclectic and authentic offering, with genuine people telling stories from the heart. I recommend downloading multiple episodes for road trips.

Icebox Radio Theater – offers several podcasts, all stories.  Explore HERE.  I am not familiar with this yet, but I plan on listening tonight right after I finish this post! I’ll let you know what I think.  They seem to have quite the selection.  This looks like a good bedtime podcast as well.

Stories Podcast – This is the only podcast that offers stories exclusively for Bookish Kids. I have not listened to this podcast series, but I can see from their web page HERE that they offer episodes once to three times per week.  

The Moth, Campfire, and Night Vale are all available on iTunes and your favorite Android podcast instrument; check the links for the others to verify this.  All podcasts are free with various options to donate or to subscribe to premium or ad-free plans. Enjoy and let me know what your favorite is – favorite podcast and favorite story!

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