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Normally I feature a classic book on Sundays, but today’s post is different.

My mom died in December. I am grateful that I got to be her daughter. Words fail me when I try to say more about her gentle, unassuming spirit. I could not have had a better mother.

My mom Kitty on the day she married my dad, June 18, 1960

I’m grateful that my mother-in-law found ways to enjoy herself nearly until the day she died – she played bridge on Friday and died two days later on Palm Sunday in 2008. I’m also grateful that she died surrounded by her family as they prayed over her. She was a great mother, and a wonderful grandmother.

My mother-in-law Zona, out on the town in the 1950’s

I’m grateful for technology that allows me to speak with my son several times each week , and I know he is living his best life in California. I couldn’t be prouder of him.

Kyle with his mom and dad at the Lake Michigan shore, October 2019. He moved to California the following week.

Happy Mother’s Day.

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