Five Firsts for Friday – first in their series.

I realized after compiling this list that each story takes place in a different country.

The Bridge of Sighs (Olen Steinhauer, 2004) – First in the Yalta Boulevard Sequence, Cold War spy fiction that I found engrossing. Five books total in the series. I hope he writes more. Recommend.

Whose Body? (Dorothy Sayers, 1923) – The Lord Peter Wimsey Mysteries, introduced to me by my friend Elaine.  Fifteen complete books and a sixteenth that was in progress at the time of the author’s death.  The dashing but trauma-stricken Lord Peter solves murders. It’s been years since I read this series, and keeping in mind that it’s a product of its time, I recommend.

The Coroner’s Lunch (Colin Cotterill, 2004) The wise and irreverent coroner in 1976 Laos solves murders.  There’s some magical realism lurking in the pages of this series; definitely worth the read.  Fourteen books in the Dr. Siri Paiboun series.  Recommend.

An Irish Country Doctor (Patrick Taylor, 2004 in the UK, 2007 in the US). It’s All Creatures Great and Small with people instead of animals for patients, set in Ireland. Not my favorite series but not bad; the books I’ve listened to or read have been easy reads.  There appear to be ten books is the Irish Country series, which seems to take place in the 1950’s or 1960’s

At Home in Mitford (Jan Karon,1994) The highly readable Mitford Years series takes place in present day. Characters are Father Tim (an Episcopal priest), his wife, and the townspeople of Mitford, North Carolina.  Perfect for those who like stories of redemption and small-town charm. It looks like there are now fourteen books total.

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