Five for Friday – how to find your next read

I seldom have luck finding a great book just by browsing the shelves at the bookstore; I tend to look past the current New York Times Bestsellers display as I search for authors and titles that have quietly stood the test of time. At the library, if I am not looking for an author or title I have already selected, I wander aimlessly. So many books!

Since you are reading this blog, I suspect you might agree. Here are five suggestions to find a book that will be a lasting favorite.  

  • Create an account on, if you haven’t already done so. Then search for your favorite genre – or search for Booker Prize, Pulitzer Prize, or National Book Award winners and nominees. You can also find friends and see what they recommend or even just get ideas from their reading lists. (Look for me if you want; I will accept your friend request.)
  • Visit your library’s web site and view online resources. Sign up for their newsletter so recommendations will come right to your mailbox.
  • Join a book group, whether it’s virtual or in person. You can find groups through your library, Meetup (, or your local bookstore.
  • Visit Their home page includes new releases, staff recommendations, and preorders.
  • Read my older posts and visit all the pages on this blog.  You can also email me ( or submit a comment if you have a specific request; I will respond to all legitimate requests.

Stay well friends!

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