Five for Friday – 5 * indie books

I am now reviewing books for Reedsy Discovery, a UK-based platform that brings together authors, editors, reviewers, and readers of self-published titles. I’m sure I’ll post more about that later, but to celebrate this new adventure, which I hope will enhance the blog, I am sharing five five-star self-published books from their web site.  Disclaimer: I have not read these books; I am sharing them based on their rating and the number of up-votes they have received.  I am not including individual links for each book; you can search for them at or visit Amazon, Kobo, or Barnes & Noble online to search for them.

  • Time Rep – Peter Ward – Sci-Fi. Protagonist is recruited to be a tour guide to time travelers, his main qualification being that he is so insignificant that hanging out with him will not change the future in any way.  25 upvotes.
  • Hardened to Hickory: The Missing Chapter in Andrew Jackson’s Life – Tony Turnbow. History.  Read about a little-known chapter in the life of our 7th President. 10 upvotes.  
  • Every Grain of Sand –David Wichman. Explicit. Memoir (LBGTI2). Author describes himself as an author, speaker, sexual healer, and entrepreneur. This is his story. 85 upvotes.
  • Dakota Black or “The Dragon” – Nathaniel Matthews – Magical realism takes a stab at a retelling of Moby Dick.  Bonus: the author lives in Michigan. 34 Up-votes.
  • The Baba Nyonya Paranakans – Alex Wong.  Part history, part memoir, part cookbook.  56 Upvotes.

Be well friends!

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