Thursday Survey – the Results Edition.

In place of a new survey for this Thursday, I thought I would share some results from the surveys I have posted to date.   

From the first survey, genres are listed from most popular to least popular:

Modern Fiction, Historical Fiction, Mystery, and Memoir (tied)

Classic Literature

Women’s Fiction other than Romance and General Nonfiction (tied)

Science Fiction


Also of note from this survey: “It would be helpful to engage with other readers regarding their opinions about books (paraphrased).”  Combined with the response to the statement “Bookish in the Mitten is easy to engage with,” which had the lowest agreement percentage of any question on the survey, this could be a main focus of opportunity. Stay tuned.

From other surveys:

Audiobook, paper book, or eBook? Answers favored physical books over eBooks 2 to 1, with no votes for audiobooks. (Number of responses was small.)

What device to you use to access the blog? Cell phones lead with well over half of the respondents, followed by laptop. Tablet took last place.

What are you reading to get through this particular time? Suspense, memoir, and some professional reading.

What would you put in your suitcase when traveling to an cabin in the woods where you would spend a long time?  Only two responses, but The Bible was listed on both responses. Other books included in the responses were Jane Eyre, A Tale of Two Cities, Complete Works of Shakespeare, and a vegetarian cookbook.

Stay tuned for our next survey!

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