Jim and Genevieve

I was thinking last evening that I miss the comfort of hearing the grownups talk – parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles laughing, sharing family news, playing cards while we kids / teenagers / young adults hung around the sidelines or listened from the next room. My father died in 2017 (in fact, tomorrow is the 3rd anniversary of his funeral) and my mom passed in December. I live far from my aunts and uncles now and don’t see them often, but really these overheard conversations had been growing quieter and quieter for years before my parents’ voices were silenced.

As I was mourning this loss (we are mourning so much now, yes?) I walked past our guest room and saw a light under the door. I went into the room to turn off the light, having no idea why it was on in the first place, and saw a Jim Harrison book that belonged to Grandma Genevieve, that I’d left on the nightstand sometime last year. Opening the front cover, I found a note from Jim (he and Genevieve corresponded quite a bit), and then opened the book at random to the page in the last photo.

It turns out I can still hear my elders if I listen closely. Thanks Grandma.

One thought on “Jim and Genevieve

  1. Hi Cat,

    I know how you feel. When I was a kid, even into my teen years, I loved sitting and just listening to my Mom chat with her sisters and Mom. If there was some sort of family gathering, the highlight would be my aunts and uncles telling stories about growing up during and post WWII and how things were for them and the world in general.

    It’s been a very long time since I’ve been among my family but I cherish those times a great deal.

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