Perelandra and a Recipe

I published a review of C.S. Lewis’ Perelandra, which is the second book in his Space Trilogy. HERE is the link, on my sister site which is dedicated strictly to books. You can also find the review to the first book in the series as well; click on All Reviewed Titles in the red menu up top and search for Out of the Silent Planet.

And here is a recipe I made up all by myself! I created this recipe while relaxing after a day spent on the slopes in Switzerland . . .

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Just kidding. This isn’t a food blog. So here’s the recipe – minus the travelogue. (I will say I got the idea for this recipe when making a turkey meatloaf, wondering what would happen if I added a lot more oatmeal. Sounds gross, tastes good. You get the equivalent of 3/4 c of cooked oatmeal and 4 oz ground turkey in a serving.)

Savory Breakfast Casserole:

1 pound 99% fat free ground turkey (could use 93% fat free but I wouldn’t go lower than that)
1 1/2 c quick-cook oats, uncooked
1 small onion, chopped (also good if you skip the onion and use ½ t onion powder instead)
Finely chopped red bell pepper – use as much as you want. I think I used about ¾ cup.  
1 egg
¾ c milk or other liquid of choice – maybe a smidge more
¾ c ketchup
1.5 T Worcestershire sauce
1.5 t fennel seed
1 t chili powder
½ t garlic powder

Combine oats and seasonings; pour milk over mixture; stir to combine. Add a little more milk if the oatmeal looks very dry, and set aside. Be sure to make this your first step so the oatmeal has time to soak up the milk. Do this before you chop the onions and pepper.
In a separate bowl beat the egg lightly. Add ketchup and Worcestershire sauce; stir to combine. 
Put the (raw) ground turkey in a large bowl; add the oatmeal and ketchup mixtures and stir well to combine. (You could use your hands to mix in true Michigan meatloaf tradition, but the turkey is cold and messy, and I found that a spoon worked just fine.)
Spread mixture in a shallow baking pan; I used what I think is about a 6 x 10 glass baking dish. Bake at 350 degrees for 40 minutes or until meat thermometer inserted in the center reads at least 165 degrees Fahrenheit.  If you’re a Michigan meatloaf purist, go ahead and smear some more ketchup on top before you bake it, but I promise this will not dry out without the ketchup on top as long as you don’t overbake.
Of course, you won’t be arrested if use other veggies and seasoning; you could even use leftover veggies from last night’s dinner. I really would not skip the fennel or the red bell pepper; together, they give this casserole a sausage taste that says “breakfast,” and that prevents this from tasting like a bowl of oatmeal with a slab of turkey. 
Serves four. This would be tasty with fresh fruit. Or donuts. 


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