Sunday Classic – Cat’s Eye by Margaret Atwood

Sunday morning edit: I wrote and published this at 3:00 AM, which is apparently a bad idea from a spelling perspective. All fixed now, hopefully. Marbles, jump-ropes, paper dolls. For the child Elaine they are the props of a childhood marked by anxiety as she navigates the playground with its baffling rules of engagement, at … Continue reading Sunday Classic – Cat’s Eye by Margaret Atwood

Announcing our first Bookish Book Group!

Please join me on May 30 from 4 to 5:30 Eastern Time for a virtual discussion of Parts 1 - 7 of Margaret Atwood's Cat's Eye. You can save your spot one of two ways: Facebook: Find my page Bookish in the Mitten on Facebook, which is, and register there. Email me using the … Continue reading Announcing our first Bookish Book Group!

Five for Friday – O Canada!

I am sharing 20th-Century novels set in Canada – because I love 20th-Century fiction, especially mid-century, especially Canadian.  Some may be familiar, some new.  Because Wikipedia articles almost always contain spoilers, I am providing Goodreads links and hoping they don’t do the same.  Each link contains more links to purchase different editions of the title. … Continue reading Five for Friday – O Canada!

The Blue Castle – L.M. Montgomery

I've yet to read Anne of Green Gables - I just wasn't interested; I preferred re-reading Little Women and Jane Eyre. After reading Lucy Maude Montgomery's The Blue Castle, though, I might just take a look at Anne. The Blue Castle: Valancy Stirling is a young woman in 1920's Canada who lives firmly under her … Continue reading The Blue Castle – L.M. Montgomery