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  • Five for Friday – TV Shows From Books

    Five for Friday – TV Shows From Books

    Haven – based on Stephen King’s The Colorado Kid, about an FBI agent assigned to a small town with strange happenings. I saw a few episodes; I don’t think I read the novel. Bones – based on Kathy Reichs’ crime series featuring main character Temperance Brennan.  I’ve read a couple of the books and seen […]

  • Five for Friday – with Five

    Five for Friday – with Five

    I’ll be honest – I’m running out of fives right now.  I’m sure my brain will reboot at some point; it seems like the possibilities are nearly limitless. For now though, let’s take a look at five unrelated books with the word “five” in their titles. I only read one of these books. Five Quarters […]

  • Michigan Monday – Christopher Paul Curtis

    Michigan Monday – Christopher Paul Curtis

    One of Michigan’s best known and most highly commended authors, Christopher Paul Curtis was born and raised in Flint and worked on an assembly line for thirteen years before moving on to other pursuits including college at U of M – Flint.  Mr. Curtis worked on the line at GM’s Fisher Body Plant #1 for […]

  • Sunday Classic for Bookish Kids: The Little House books

    Sunday Classic for Bookish Kids: The Little House books

    There are so many interesting resources online about Laura Ingalls Wilder that I will not try to incorporate them into the narrative (with one exception); see a list of links at the end of the post. Throughout a good portion of my childhood I read and re-read most of the “Little House” series, Laura Ingalls […]

  • Five Firsts for Friday – first in their series.

    Five Firsts for Friday – first in their series.

    I realized after compiling this list that each story takes place in a different country. The Bridge of Sighs (Olen Steinhauer, 2004) – First in the Yalta Boulevard Sequence, Cold War spy fiction that I found engrossing. Five books total in the series. I hope he writes more. Recommend. Whose Body? (Dorothy Sayers, 1923) – […]

  • Michigan Monday – Geoffrey Eugenides

    Michigan Monday – Geoffrey Eugenides

    One of Detroit’s own (although he now lives in New Jersey). Geoffrey Eugenides is a respected novelist and educator.  Of his three novels, two are set in Detroit and its suburbs, and some of my enjoyment while reading The Virgin Suicides (1993) and Pulitzer Prize winner Middlesex (2002) is due to Detroit’s prominence in both […]

  • Sunday Classic – The Witch of Blackbird Pond (Elizabeth George Speare)

    Sunday Classic – The Witch of Blackbird Pond (Elizabeth George Speare)

    Katherine (Kit) Tyler, fresh from Barbados, is in for a rude awakening as she shows up on the doorstep of her maternal aunt’s household in Connecticut Colony in 1685.  Friendship, hard work, love, courage, illness, courtship, threats of violence complete with angry villagers carrying torches (or at least that was my impression), and once again, […]

  • Review – Lilac Girls (spoilers)

    Review – Lilac Girls (spoilers)

    This longish post contains spoilers. They aren’t major, because this is a predictable novel, but if you are new to the book and want to read it with a virgin mind, as I did, read the book first and then read the post.   Lilac Girls (Martha Hall Kelly, author) is the story of three […]

  • Tell Me A Story.

    Tell Me A Story.

    Let’s tell stories. Children, read to your parents. Parents, read to your children and to each other.  Friends, siblings, take turns reading as the rest of you listen. With book in hand, (or eBook on phone or tablet or laptop), gather under a tree, around a campfire or at the kitchen table – such stories […]

  • The Last Hours by Minette Walters

    Well, this is timely. If you’re looking to completely escape the reality of life as we know it, this might not be the book for you. The Last Hours is a novel set in 14th Century England as the Black Death (plague) first makes itself known. There is self-imposed quarantine, a supply shortages, and suspicion […]