The Most Fun I’ve Had In A Mask.

My favorite bookstore, Schuler Books and Music in Grand Rapids, MI, is open again! They are open daily from 10 to 7, or you can access their book inventory anytime by visiting them online. I had this morning off, so I ventured out of my lair to visit them in person.  They have excellent Covid-19…… Continue reading The Most Fun I’ve Had In A Mask.

Support your local bookstore!

I bought a book from my favorite bookstore today. Here are photos of their gratitude. You can order for a small shipping fee, or you can use the curbside pickup option which is what I did today. When I started crying When I really cried. While we ‘buy now’ or take advantage of our Prime…… Continue reading Support your local bookstore!

Distract yourself with these “beach reads . . . .”

We could use a little distraction right now. Here are some older titles to revisit, whether at the beach or in your living room; each is engrossing enough to pull you into the story for a while but not so deep you have to work at it. Download one today from an indie bookseller (see…… Continue reading Distract yourself with these “beach reads . . . .”

Social distancing. . .

. . . is not as easy as it sounds. I stepped outside for a short while today and looked around my little cul de sac; although there were cars in every driveway, the houses were completely closed up. No kids played outside, no dogs barked. I had intended to check on my next door…… Continue reading Social distancing. . .