Off Topic: The Musical Edition

Music speaks to me more intensely and immediately than any other medium. Once not long ago, when I felt far from home and anxious about getting back there, the opening notes of “Life in a Northern Town” reached across three thousand miles through the overhead music of the cafe where I waited for my drink,…… Continue reading Off Topic: The Musical Edition

Michigan Monday (two days early) – Introducing Sheila Solomon Shotwell

Cover images used with author’s permission. In recent years, through the magic of Facebook, I have met several aunts and cousins from my maternal grandfather’s family. One of those cousins is Sheila Solomon Shotwell, author of books, short stories, and essays. Two of her works, Gone Before Spring and No Doubt in My Mind, are…… Continue reading Michigan Monday (two days early) – Introducing Sheila Solomon Shotwell

Another Michigan Author: Holling C. Holling

It’s hard to maintain one’s interest and motivation in hobbies and interests during these bizarre times; for me, a curious mind is the best defense against defeat. Today’s discovery has helped . You may recall an episode of the 1990’s series “Northern Exposure” in which laid-back local DJ Chris, played by John Corbett, reads a

Lake Michigan waves at sunset, and a poem

It was a windy sunset last night . . . Poem courtesy of The Academy of American Poets – Click HERE to see the website. O Sea, That Knowest Thy Strength Effie Lee Newsome – 1885-1978 Hast thou been known to sing,        O sea, that knowest thy strength?Hast thou been known…… Continue reading Lake Michigan waves at sunset, and a poem

Jim and Genevieve

I was thinking last evening that I miss the comfort of hearing the grownups talk – parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles laughing, sharing family news, playing cards while we kids / teenagers / young adults hung around the sidelines or listened from the next room. My father died in 2017 (in fact, tomorrow is the…… Continue reading Jim and Genevieve

Michigan Classic Review of The Nick Adams Stories by Ernest Hemingway

Words don’t come easily; reading this collection of short stories, I discovered beauty and I unearthed unpleasant attitudes toward others, both express and implied, which I can’t ignore. The book is not exclusively beautiful or exclusively ugly; it’s both. The collection contains finely crafted scenes in which every bird, tree, or blade of grass is…… Continue reading Michigan Classic Review of The Nick Adams Stories by Ernest Hemingway

Michigan Monday – Christopher Paul Curtis

One of Michigan’s best known and most highly commended authors, Christopher Paul Curtis was born and raised in Flint and worked on an assembly line for thirteen years before moving on to other pursuits including college at U of M – Flint.  Mr. Curtis worked on the line at GM’s Fisher Body Plant #1 for…… Continue reading Michigan Monday – Christopher Paul Curtis

Five for Friday – 5 * indie books

I am now reviewing books for Reedsy Discovery, a UK-based platform that brings together authors, editors, reviewers, and readers of self-published titles. I’m sure I’ll post more about that later, but to celebrate this new adventure, which I hope will enhance the blog, I am sharing five five-star self-published books from their web site.  Disclaimer:…… Continue reading Five for Friday – 5 * indie books

Michigan Monday – Ernest Hemingway

Ernest Hemingway.  I knew he had spent some time in Michigan – a good amount of time. What I did not know is that a lot of his Nick Adams short stories take place in northern Michigan.  I’m a little embarrassed by that knowledge gap. Ernest Hemingway was born in Oak Park, Illinois, but his…… Continue reading Michigan Monday – Ernest Hemingway