Support your local bookstore!

I bought a book from my favorite bookstore today. Here are photos of their gratitude. You can order for a small shipping fee, or you can use the curbside pickup option which is what I did today. When I started crying When I really cried. While we ‘buy now’ or take advantage of our Prime…… Continue reading Support your local bookstore!

Michigan Monday – Geoffrey Eugenides

One of Detroit’s own (although he now lives in New Jersey). Geoffrey Eugenides is a respected novelist and educator.  Of his three novels, two are set in Detroit and its suburbs, and some of my enjoyment while reading The Virgin Suicides (1993) and Pulitzer Prize winner Middlesex (2002) is due to Detroit’s prominence in both…… Continue reading Michigan Monday – Geoffrey Eugenides

Michigan Monday – Jim Harrison

I am planning on making the next several Mondays Michigan Mondays, in which I feature authors who were born in Michigan, spent a significant part of their lives here, and / or set their stories in Michigan. I won’t promise that I will hit this every single Monday – I do have a day job!…… Continue reading Michigan Monday – Jim Harrison