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  • Five for Friday – TV Shows From Books

    Five for Friday – TV Shows From Books

    Haven – based on Stephen King’s The Colorado Kid, about an FBI agent assigned to a small town with strange happenings. I saw a few episodes; I don’t think I read the novel. Bones – based on Kathy Reichs’ crime series featuring main character Temperance Brennan.  I’ve read a couple of the books and seen […]

  • Five for Friday – 5 * indie books

    Five for Friday – 5 * indie books

    I am now reviewing books for Reedsy Discovery, a UK-based platform that brings together authors, editors, reviewers, and readers of self-published titles. I’m sure I’ll post more about that later, but to celebrate this new adventure, which I hope will enhance the blog, I am sharing five five-star self-published books from their web site.  Disclaimer: […]

  • Announcing our first Bookish Book Group!

    Announcing our first Bookish Book Group!

    Please join me on May 30 from 4 to 5:30 Eastern Time for a virtual discussion of Parts 1 – 7 of Margaret Atwood’s Cat’s Eye. You can save your spot one of two ways: Facebook: Find my page Bookish in the Mitten on Facebook, which is, and register there. Email me using the […]

  • Five Firsts for Friday – first in their series.

    Five Firsts for Friday – first in their series.

    I realized after compiling this list that each story takes place in a different country. The Bridge of Sighs (Olen Steinhauer, 2004) – First in the Yalta Boulevard Sequence, Cold War spy fiction that I found engrossing. Five books total in the series. I hope he writes more. Recommend. Whose Body? (Dorothy Sayers, 1923) – […]

  • Michigan Monday – Geoffrey Eugenides

    Michigan Monday – Geoffrey Eugenides

    One of Detroit’s own (although he now lives in New Jersey). Geoffrey Eugenides is a respected novelist and educator.  Of his three novels, two are set in Detroit and its suburbs, and some of my enjoyment while reading The Virgin Suicides (1993) and Pulitzer Prize winner Middlesex (2002) is due to Detroit’s prominence in both […]

  • Merrily Watkins, Girl Exorcist

    Merrily Watkins, Girl Exorcist

    Merrily Watkins is a single mother, former Goth teen, smoker-turned-vaper. She is also an exorcist.  Those statements, though a little dramatic and exaggerated, are true facts in Phil Rickman’s1 Merrily Watkins series, about a priest in the Church of England who is also the Diocesan Deliverance Consultant (the C of E’s euphemistic title), working with […]

  • Five for Friday: Magical Realism

    Five for Friday: Magical Realism

    Magical Realism – a literary device or genre in which the author sends a breath of whimsy into the ordinary world they have created. . . . Imagine walking down a city sidewalk. Your arm brushes against the low-hanging branch of a tree, which causes blossoms to fall from the tree. As they fall, the […]

  • Would you . . .

    Would you . . .

    . . . join an online book discussion of Margaret Atwood’s Cat’s Eye? I’m trying to gauge interest. You can view and answer the question on my Facebook page if you want, or you can comment here. Feel free to ask any questions, also.

  • Five for Friday – O Canada!

    Five for Friday – O Canada!

    I am sharing 20th-Century novels set in Canada – because I love 20th-Century fiction, especially mid-century, especially Canadian.  Some may be familiar, some new.  Because Wikipedia articles almost always contain spoilers, I am providing Goodreads links and hoping they don’t do the same.  Each link contains more links to purchase different editions of the title. […]

  • Michigan Monday – Jim Harrison

    Michigan Monday – Jim Harrison

    I am planning on making the next several Mondays Michigan Mondays, in which I feature authors who were born in Michigan, spent a significant part of their lives here, and / or set their stories in Michigan. I won’t promise that I will hit this every single Monday – I do have a day job! […]