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  • Off Topic: The Musical Edition

    Off Topic: The Musical Edition

    Music speaks to me more intensely and immediately than any other medium. Once not long ago, when I felt far from home and anxious about getting back there, the opening notes of “Life in a Northern Town” reached across three thousand miles through the overhead music of the cafe where I waited for my drink, […]

  • Snow Moon

    I could use some photo education to learn how to take a decent photo of the moon, because it was so much more beautiful in person, but I do like how the tree branches seem to be cradling the moon. I hope this photo gives you pleasure.

  • A Birthday Surprise

    A Birthday Surprise

    No – it’s not my birthday. However, I did discover today, while traveling down a research rabbit-hole, that three of my top ten favorite authors have the same birthday (in different years). C.S. Lewis, author of The Chronicles of Narnia as well as some completely engulfing adult fantasy (Perelandra and Out of the Silent Planet […]

  • Jim and Genevieve

    I was thinking last evening that I miss the comfort of hearing the grownups talk – parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles laughing, sharing family news, playing cards while we kids / teenagers / young adults hung around the sidelines or listened from the next room. My father died in 2017 (in fact, tomorrow is the […]

  • Off topic

    Here’s something to soothe your spirit. I took this video while on a walk in a light rain tonight. Feel free to download, and it’s ok to share but please include a link to this blog if you share. Thanks.

  • Off topic

    When I was hiking in one of our beautiful county parks today (cloudy and damp, about 55 degrees – perfect weather for a hike in my opinion) I was accompanied by a bluebird. One of these beauties flew ahead of me for about the length of a football field. It waited on one branch until […]