Michigan Monday – Theodore Roethke

I promised a surprise today for my fellow natives of Saginaw, Michigan.  Poet Theodore Roethke is that surprise; not only was he born in Saginaw, he is an alumnus of Arthur Hill High School, my alma mater and that of my mother, siblings, and husband.  He graduated from the University of Michigan, and later taught … Continue reading Michigan Monday – Theodore Roethke

5 for Friday – Story Podcasts

Podcasts are a great way to listen to stories. Below are five options. Jim Harold’s Campfire – Ghosts, UFOs, Bigfoot and friends – good stuff.  Listeners, interviewed by the engaging and warm Jim Harold, share their scary stories. This podcast has been running since 2008 but only the most recent episodes are available without joining … Continue reading 5 for Friday – Story Podcasts

Distract yourself with these “beach reads . . . .”

We could use a little distraction right now. Here are some older titles to revisit, whether at the beach or in your living room; each is engrossing enough to pull you into the story for a while but not so deep you have to work at it. Download one today from an indie bookseller (see … Continue reading Distract yourself with these “beach reads . . . .”

The Blue Castle – L.M. Montgomery

I've yet to read Anne of Green Gables - I just wasn't interested; I preferred re-reading Little Women and Jane Eyre. After reading Lucy Maude Montgomery's The Blue Castle, though, I might just take a look at Anne. The Blue Castle: Valancy Stirling is a young woman in 1920's Canada who lives firmly under her … Continue reading The Blue Castle – L.M. Montgomery

Window on the Bay – Debbie Macomber

Format: Hardcover, from my lovely local libraryPublisher: Ballantine Books, July 2019 Debbie Macomber is the queen of traditional women's fiction. She writes clean romance novels - a lot of them. This story is no exception to her usual formula, and the ending is happy (no spoiler there; all of her books have happy endings). As … Continue reading Window on the Bay – Debbie Macomber