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  • Stargazing and Meteor-Watching – Three things to bring with you to Headlands Dark Sky Park

    I went to Headlands International Dark Sky Park in Mackinaw City last night on a whim to catch the last of the Perseid meteor showers. The drive was almost four hours, which meant I had time to check into my motel, pick up a veggie sub from Mama Mia’s Pizza, and get to the park […]

  • Thumbwind

    In my last post I shared a link to Michael Hardy’s post about a book by Andrew J. Blackbird. We’ve been collaborating a bit since then, and Mike will be reposting my Michigan Monday series – seven weekly posts about Michigan authors, over a series of posts. You might want to take a look at […]

  • A reminder and a request

    Hey! I’m seeing some new followers and new likes, which makes me happy. What would make me even happier if is you would like and follow my NEWER blog, See you over at the new blog! Be sure to read my most recent post so you know my plans for this week.

  • Relax with these waves.

    We went to Holland State Park to catch the late afternoon sunset today. This is one of the few beaches along our coastline with no major erosion, so I was able to walk about 300 feet from our parking spot to the edge of the waves -so close my shoes got wet when some of […]

  • I’ve moved. Come visit!

    The new website is up and running; come see me at Your Book Group. You can navigate with the red menu above photo. To get ideas for what to read next, click on “What to Read Next” and choose your genre. To see all the titles I have reviewed click on All Reviewed Titles. The […]

  • Poetry


    Reading a poem is a form of meditation. It requires attention to every word, and awareness of the preceding words as well – one has to be fully present when reading, if one wants to understand the poem. The Academy of American Poets has a website in which you can search for poets and poems, […]

  • Update and a review

    I know – what happened to “I’ll update every week?” Life happened, I guess. Working my day job while building the new website, which has had its share of technical issues (which I’m proud to say I solved) takes a fair amount of time, and when I’m not navigating life (cooking, shopping, laundry, cat wrangling […]

  • Freebie!


    Did you know Publishers Weekly – the digital edition – is free to anyone for the duration of the Covid-19 crisis? Click on the link and you will be invited to sign up. Stay well and safe, my friends.

  • FYI

    I’ve deleted my Facebook account. I may be back later. I’ll remove the Facebook link on this blog a little later today.

  • Reedsy Discovery Review: Synchronicity

    I’ve reviewed a new book on Reedsy Discovery; you can read the review here: