A reminder and a request

Hey! I’m seeing some new followers and new likes, which makes me happy. What would make me even happier if is you would like and follow my NEWER blog, http://www.yourbookgroup.com. See you over at the new blog! Be sure to read my most recent post so you know my plans for this week.

Update and a review

I know – what happened to “I’ll update every week?” Life happened, I guess. Working my day job while building the new website, which has had its share of technical issues (which I’m proud to say I solved) takes a fair amount of time, and when I’m not navigating life (cooking, shopping, laundry, cat wrangling…… Continue reading Update and a review


Big changes are in store for this blog over the coming weeks. While I work on those changes I will be posting less frequently this summer – but I will commit to posting at least once per week. You can always find my page on Facebook: @MittenBookish. See you soon!