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  • Listen Up! Audio – The Member of the Wedding

    Listen Up! Audio – The Member of the Wedding

    Written by Carson McCullers, narrated by Susan Sarandon It is hot in the South in August 1944 – so hot you can smell the sweat. Frankie Addams is bored and ostracized by her former friends. Her only companions are Bereneice, the maid who serves Frankie and her father, and Frankie’s six-year-old cousin John Henry. Frankie’s […]

  • Free Book Monday 3.23.20

    Audiobook: The Haunted Bookshop I haven’t listened, but this looks charming! https://librivox.org/the-haunted-bookshop-by-christopher-morley/ Librivox offers audio recordings of books that are in the public domain. You can also volunteer to read for them. eBook: Filthy Rich Americans I poked around on Amazon and found this free Kindle edition. If you don’t have a Kindle, download the […]

  • Distract yourself with these “beach reads . . . .”

    Distract yourself with these “beach reads . . . .”

    We could use a little distraction right now. Here are some older titles to revisit, whether at the beach or in your living room; each is engrossing enough to pull you into the story for a while but not so deep you have to work at it. Download one today from an indie bookseller (see […]

  • The Genevieve Driscoll Reading List

    The Genevieve Driscoll Reading List

    My grandmother, Genevieve O’Connor Driscoll, was a reader’s reader. As the end of her life drew closer, working around significant vision loss due to macular degeneration, she read with laser focus for as long as she could. Genevieve was an eclectic reader, enthusiastic discusser of books – both with readers and with the authors of […]

  • The Institute – Stephen King

    Author Stephen King Narrator Santino Fontana Format: Audio Source: My lovely local library Disclaimer: I am a fan of King’s first novels, and this review is shaped by my high regard for those first books. It’s impossible not to compare them. I listened to the audio version of this book, which was highly marketed in […]

  • Heft

    Author: Liz Moore Narrator: Keith Szarabajka Format: Audio Source: Audible Publisher: Blackstone Audio What a lovely listen. This is the story of a 550-lb recluse named Arthur Opp, his one-time friend turned pen-pal Charlene, and the young Kel Keller. The book has been around awhile, published in 2012. Moore gives distinct voices to each of […]

  • Once Upon A River

    Format: Audio, from local library Author: Diane Settlefield Narrator: Jane Stevenson Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio Finished March 4 2020 Source: I checked out the audio version from my lovely local library. This is a book about storytelling – an art that predates the written word. As such, this book, narrated by the excellent Juliet […]